University of California, Irvine - COSMOS


program overview

COSMOS has as its mission to motivate the most creative minds of the new generation of prospective scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who will become leaders for California, the nation, and the world. The program aims to create a community of students who participate in and contribute to an intensive academic experience delivered by distinguished educators and scholars.

Program Website:

Specialization(s): STEM

Selectivity: Selective

Admission is based upon:

  • 3.0 gpa* minimum; official transcripts; emphasis on science/math grades (Do not send test scores, student resume, certificates of achievement of other affidavits of merit; these items will not be considered)
  • One recommendation from a math, science, or other STEM teacher is required. Plan to ask your teacher well in advance if they would complete a COSMOS recommendation on your behalf, supporting your application.
  • The applicant’s interest, motivation, leadership and school or community involvement
  • Participant and achievement in science and math project and/or competitions
  • APPLICATION TIP: your essays are a key component of the application. Use good grammar and punctuation (texting language is inappropriate). Invest time in your essay answers! Proofread!

Location: University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA

Duration: 4 weeks

Financial Aid:  Available only for tuition (not travel)