Summer Discovery


program overview

Diverse pre-college experiences to choose from several of the world’s best universities (e.g. UCLA, UCSB, UT Austin, CU-Boulder, UMich, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, or Penn). Students are an integral part of the university community, and summer enrichment opportunities include college credit, SAT Prep, business and leadership institutes, etc.



  • Binding application: If you apply through Minds Matter and are accepted, you are required to attend the program. Please check with Summer Programs team before applying.
  • Only choose 2-week domestic program. Do not apply to an internship program.
  • Do not apply to Penn or Johns Hopkins programs.
  • You must have medical insurance to attend the program.

Program Website:

Specialization(s): General College Prep, Business, Fine Arts, STEM

Selectivity: Less Selective

Location: Varies based on your chosen campus location. Range from California to Texas to Washington DC to Pennsylvania

Duration: Minds Matter students should choose a 2 week program

Financial Aid: Necessary. Personal statement required.

Fee Waiver: TBA