Minds Matter San Francisco produces exceptional results in its students. Every single MMSF alum (70+ students) has graduated high school, with every student matriculating into a college and 97% attending a FOUR-year college. This past year, the first class of MMSF students completed college, with 9 out of the original class of 11 graduating. Overall, 72 out of our 74 alumni are still in college, a persistence rate of 97%. MMSF produces results far greater than the national average*.

test improvement

Minds Matter San Francisco offers weekly on-site standardized test prep and a skills-based curriculum from in-house, volunteer instructors. We do not contract our test prep out to other companies, which can produce dubious results*. Instead, we spend two hours each week teaching students a skills-based curriculum that produces measurable improvement on their SAT & ACT results. Since 10th grade, the average MMSF student has improved over 200 points by the beginning of their senior year when standardizing their results to the 1600 SAT scale. This has been equivalent to percentile improvements of 20 to 40 points for each graduating class. We publish our percentile improvements below for the last few graduating classes.

*Many test prep companies make highly dubious promises of unrealistic average test score gains. Some of them will even "guarantee" these results. These "guarantees" should be viewed with a high degree of skepticism, as they usually involve course repetition at lower cost rather than any sort of refund. Source

College ACCEPTANCE & Matriculation

Minds Matter San Francisco students are encouraged to apply to top colleges because they offer the best financial aid and do the best job of graduating underprivileged, low-income students. For underprivileged students, attending a top state school instead of a community college can result in more than 45 percentage points of improvement in college graduation rates, doubling the likelihood that they will complete their degrees (from 45% to 90%). When recommending colleges to our students, we researched our own list of schools that emphasizes a school's ability to educate underprivileged students. As a result, we don't follow the US News & World Report rankings. However, over time, MMSF students continue to be accepted into better and better schools as measured by the US News rankings. Here are some of the colleges that our students have matriculated into, with over 70% of our students from our last two classes attending a University of California system public school (UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc.).

Minds Matter San Francisco maintains a vibrant volunteer culture and provides such rewarding experiences to students that it results in high retention rates across the board. It is a testiment to our results and impact on the community that so many volunteers and mentees choose to stay in our organization year after year. Every year, about 25-35% of our volunteer base naturally leaves the organization after the end of their 3-year mentorship cycle. However, many volunteers decide to stay in the organization and continue to volunteer in leadership roles after the end of their cycle. Our NPS score is 51%, which is on par with some of the best companies (e.g. Google, Intel, Delta Airlines. & Costco).



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