Middlebury Interactive Language Summer Academy


program overview

Our immersive summer language program is about creating a supportive community to optimize language learning, where every moment becomes an opportunity for language exploration.

In school, language classes often focus on grammar and vocabulary when they meet for 40 minutes a day. At the Academy—though grammar and vocabulary are a large part of the curriculum—the immersive environment is what enables students to quickly improve their speaking and listening skills as well through truly living in language.


  • Binding application: If you apply through Minds Matter and are accepted, you are required to attend the program. Please check with Summer Programs team before applying.
  • This application process is offline. Please contact the Summer Programs if you are applying to the program.

Program Website: https://www.middleburyinteractive.com/summer-language-academy/academics/why-immersion

Specialization(s): General College Prep

Selectivity: Selective

Location: Middlebury, Vermont

Duration: 4 weeks

Financial Aid: Separate application is not necessary

Fee Waiver: Not Available