September 23, 2017: What are colleges looking for? | St. Ignatius

If you missed session...


  • Practice close/deep reading and reflective discussions.
  • Learn more about what it takes to get into college, and how that should affect our priorities and work this year.

Trio Check-in (12:30 - 12:40pm)

  • How was the week!?
  • Weekly Goal Check-in
    • What work did we complete? What did we accomplish towards the goals we set?
    • What do we plan to do next week?

Deep Read & Discussion (12:40 - 1:15pm)

  • Take 10-15 minutes to read the article on Making High School more like Kindergarten
    • Mentors and mentees spend additional minutes writing down their thoughts
    • What do you think is the main argument the author is making?
    • Did anything surprise you?
    • Do you feel like your school has (had) any kindergarten in it?
    • Do you have any questions?
  • Take 10-15 minutes to discuss first in small groups and then full group the opinions and perspectives of the room.

What are Colleges looking for? (1:15 - 2:00pm)

Trio Planning & Brainstorming for Summer Programs! (2:00 - 2:30pm)

  • Work in your trios to keep brainstorming around summer programs.
    • What do you want to pursue?
  • Closing: Logistics and Announcements