November 4, 2017: Summer Experience Kickoff! | Urban

If you missed session...


  • Understand timeline, expectations, and next steps for the Junior Summer Experience
  • Use framework from Junior Summer Experience team to help guide our ideas

Trio Check-in (12:30 - 12:40pm)

  • How was the week!?
  • Weekly Goal Check-in
    • What work did we complete? What did we accomplish towards the goals we set?
    • What do we plan to do next week?

Summer Experience Intro (12:40 - 1:00pm)

Summer Experience Exercise (1:00 - 2:30pm)

  • Presentation
  • Make Some Lists!
    • Things you love to do
    • Things you are good at
    • Things you are not good at and find hard to do
    • Things you hate doing
    • What are the correlations between these lists?
  • Changing Goals & Career Paths: examples & experiences
  • What are some career options for various college majors?
  • At a high level, what do you want to study in college and what is your future career goal?
  • What might you be interested in as a summer project to help guide you in the direction of your interests and goals?


  • Mindsgiving Sign-Up
  • Sign-up to lead close/deep read
    • Come ready to present it to the group and lead discussion
      • Comprehension questions: What do certain words mean in context?
        • Structural questions: What is the thesis or main point? How does the author craft the argument?
        • Discussion questions: Make it personal; do we agree with the author? Why?