Brown University - Summer@Brown


program overview

Summer@Brown offers courses that are designed for students looking to experience college-level academics on an Ivy League campus. Reflecting Brown’s broad liberal arts curriculum, Summer@Brown features nearly 200 courses, designed and taught at the level of first-year college courses, and ranging in length from one to four weeks. Resting on the principles that are at the core of a Brown undergraduate education and its open curriculum, the program shifts the focus away from grades and credits and towards learning itself. 


  • You can only apply for 1-week or 2-week programs
  • Binding application: If you apply through Minds Matter and are accepted, you are required to attend the program. Please check with Summer Programs team before applying.
  • If you'd like to apply independently for Dean Scholarship, you cannot apply through Minds Matter as a partner scholar.

Program Website:

Specialization(s): General, STEM, Business

Selectivity: Selective

Location: Brown University Campus, Providence, RI

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Financial Aid: No, if you are applying through Minds Matter (if you are on the roster, you will receive 50% Partner Scholarship)

Fee Waiver: TBA