The Impact We Make: A Thank You Letter from a Mentee

Diana Lu is a former Minds Matter mentee. Over the holidays, she wrote this heartfelt letter to express her gratitude. we couldn't be happier to see the impact we can make on a student's life. 


Dear Minds Matter,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your generous financial support toward my college education.  Thank you for making the Meritus Scholarship possible and thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend a four-year university. 

I have completed my first quarter as a sophomore at the University of California, Santa Cruz and I will be able to declare a Human Biology major in late March or early April.  I took Organic Chemistry and corresponding lab, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Spanish 2 last quarter. In addition, I also worked as a Student Assistant at Learning Support Services, a program that gives tutoring services to UCSC students. Due to a rigorous schedule with school and work, I made sure that I did not waste any time.  I learned that I did not study really well in groups; therefore, I would usually do independent study in my room. I even used a technique called Pomodero Technique to study. For every 25 minutes I studied, I would take a 5 minutes break.  Even though I studied a lot this quarter, I also spent time with friends by hiking around campus or sharing a meal together.  I definitely feel that I worked really hard this quarter and I hope that I will continue to work just as hard next quarter. I am proud to say that I received a 4.0 this quarter.   

Next quarter, I will take the second part of Organic Chemistry with a corresponding lab, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Spanish 3.  My goal for next quarter is to eat healthier, look and apply to summer internships, revise my resume and cover letter, and keep up the good work in school.  Looking forward to summer, I plan to do an internship at a hospital or clinic setting; however, if the plans do not work out, I will either get a summer job or take summer classes.  I hope to continue exploring the many possible careers by networking and conducting informational interviews.

 Thank you again for your generosity and support. I will continue to work hard in everything I do. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

Diana Liu