Minds Matter of SF partners with Meritus

Local college fund, Meritus, partnered up with Minds Matter to elevate both organizations' efforts in helping low-income San Francisco youth achieve college success. 

The partnership was a natural fit.

Executive Director of Meritus, Diana Wolf, describes the comprehensive college success program as not only providing academic and financial guidance for low-income college students, but also a way for students to make connections with professionals in their field of interest to help shape post-graduation goals.

"MMSF supports students who are excellent candidates for the Meritus program," said Wolf. "Minds Matter students are focused on next steps beyond high school, have gained broad exposure to college, and are well supported in their pursuit of higher education. They will be able to take full advantage of the key supports that Meritus offers – coaching, mentoring, and career awareness."

Minds Matter students like the accesibility of the SF-based program. The ability to meet in person with Meritus staff and volunteers has helped personalize the competitive application process.

                                                                             Meritus Scholars 2013

                                                                             Meritus Scholars 2013

"It's really amazing how well our organizations complement each other," said Edith Chao, Chief of Strategy & Partnerships at Minds Matter. "While our primary goal is to help our students get into college, we'd ultimately like to help impact college enrollment and graduation rates."

With similar goals in brightening students' futures, both Meritus and Minds Matter are excited to grow the partnership. 

"We're committed to students who, in spite of challenging life circumstances, are focused on college and have demonstrated grit and ambition in getting to their goals," said Wolf. "Our investment in the future of local youth – one student at a time – benefits the community and is an important contributor to building an informed and participatory populace."