Sophomore Year Resources

Sophomore year is about so many firsts. Your first taste of the SAT or ACT, your first time learning to get through airport security on your own, your first time doing your own laundry, and your first time setting foot on a college campus. We want you to enjoy these first experiences and push yourself to learn, reflect, and grow along the way. You may hate some of your firsts and you may love them, but regardless, you're going to discover a ton about yourself!


foundations for the SAT & ACT

Our Foundations program focuses on getting our sophomores a solid foundation in SAT & ACT Math, Science, Verbal and Essays, so they can be more prepared when walking in to the real test.


College Prep Mentorship

Our Sophomore college prep program supports you with discovering your interests, self and voice, creating a strong high school plan that gets you aimed at the right colleges, and supports you with mentors who guide you along the way.


Summer programs

Summer programs are THE BEST! That being said, you have to do some work in order to find the right programs, apply to them, and get as much aid as you can to cover your tuition and expenses. Come here for summer programs support and email if you have questions.