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Here you can see the lesson for this upcoming week:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Mentees will reflect on the year and create a visual project that demonstrates their experiences and highlights with the mentoring program.



  • 12:30pm - 12:45pm : Trio Catch Up Time

  • 12:45pm – 2:20pm : Capstone Projects!

  • 2:20pm – end: Wrap-up

The Capstone Project:

Brainstorm ideas- wordle

      1. Make a Word Cloud

      2. Copy and paste your favorite personal statement / essay from your summer program application into the text box and GO!

      3. Save this by taking a screenshot:


    1. Breakdown ideas into 4 categories head, heart, hands, and feet

      1. Create a new folder in your google drive called Sophomore Capstone Project.

        1. Inside that folder, create 4 new folders:

      2. The head, The heart, The hands, The feet,The head - knowledge gained, what you know, what you know that you don’t know, what you want to learn, etc.

      3. The heart - who you are on the inside

      4. The hands - doing, what are you doing now, what do you like to do, what do you want to do in the future, how you want to serve your community and family

      5. The feet - where you are going, where do you find yourself right now, what obstacles do you foresee, what obstacles do you face now, what kinds of moves are you making that will take you somewhere

    2. Session Log Review

      1. To help you think about each of the categories, look through your session log on the activities we did previously:

        1. MBTI - personality indicator

        2. Career Survey

        3. Learning Preferences

        4. Implicit bias test

        5. Love languages

        6. Privilege (step forward, step back)

        7. Personal Responsibility

        8. Media Literacy

        9. Conflict Styles

        10. Diversity

        11. Identity

        12. Empathy

        13. Leadership Styles

        14. Summer Program Scenarios

      2. Be sure to save each image in the appropriate folder.

        1. To save each image, create a google doc to copy and paste the image onto. Have your mentor help you with the logistics of this.

  1. Your values, character, and personality

    1. Write, free-form and lengthy paragraph - meaning don’t worry about grammar and sentence structure (write your thoughts as they come to you) - on your values, character and personality traits; what makes you, you? And then enter them into the text box to see what pops up

      1. Values - These are things that you consider to be important or beneficial in your life

        1. What do you value in yourself, others, and the world around you?

      2. Character - Skills that you acquire that make you a better person, not traits that you are born with.

        1. Honesty, trustworthiness, resilience, etc.

      3. Personality - Attributes about yourself that you are born with and make up who you are, that make you unique

        1. Funny, smart, kind, empathetic, etc.


  1. Fill out the trackers
  2. Have the mentor groups go over the two documents below:

    1. Summer Programs Travel Policy - have the trios read this in its entirety.

Summer Programs Travel- Best Practice - have them read this whole document as well.

If you know that you will be absent, fill out this form and let us know ahead of time. 


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