Say "hello" to our team.

On top of their day jobs, the following people help us lead different parts of Minds Matter of San Francisco, so that we can run, grow, and scale our program for years to come. Without these leaders, we wouldn't be able to run our operations each year—we're thankful to them for taking on the additional responsibility to make Minds Matter a great experience for mentees and volunteers.

PROGRAMMING & Curriculum

Sophomore Instruction Lead - Nathaniel Edwards & Greg Fulco
Sophomore Class Lead - Lisa Traum
Sophomore Class Lead - Tiffany Lee
Sophomore Pod Leader - Jarus Singh
Sophomore Pod Leader - Luci Moreno
Sophomore Pod Leader - Onome Uwhuba
Sophomore Pod Leader - Mike Sha
Sophomore Pod Leader - Rachel Wang
Sophomore Pod Leader - Nadiyah Salahuddin
Sophomore Pod Leader - Chris Pan
Sophomore Pod Leader - Monica Bandy
Junior Instruction Lead - Hanmei Wu
Junior Class Lead - Mike Harbaugh
Junior Class Lead - Andrew Lai
Junior Pod Leader - Anthony Liu
Junior Pod Leader - Heather Morehouse
Junior Pod Leader - Archith Murali
Junior Pod Leader - Stephen Tsai
Senior Class Lead - Sijia Hao
Senior Class Lead - Vivian Zhang
Senior Pod Leade - Ashwin Ravi
Senior Pod Leader - Meinan Liu
Senior Pod Leader - David Chiang
Senior Personal Statement Workshop Coordinator - Lu Zhang
Summer Programs Lead - Paul Toribio
Summer Programs Team - Jennifer Kahng
Junior Summer Experience Team - Haerang Lee
Junior Summer Experience Team - Candice Wang
Junior Summer Experience Team - David Lopez
Junior Summer Experience Team - Andrew Chimka
College Admissions & Financial Aid - Reggie Moore
College Admissions & Financial Aid - Eileen Huang


Stefanie Lau - Head of Community
Alvin Yi - Volunteers Team
Donna Marie Ponferrada - Parent Engagement Advisor
Erin Welke - Volunteer Recruiting Advisor
Greg Fulco - Mentee Recruiting Team
Janaki Krishnawami - Parent Engagement Lead
Jecht Tsang - Volunteer Engagement Lead
Judy Cheong - Mentee Recruiting Lead
Lucy Chen - Volunteer Recruiting Lead
Mary King - Volunteer Onboarding Lead
Michelle Goodwin - Volunteers Team
Ninny Wan - Internal Events Lead & Alumni Engagement
Priya Kotek - Volunteers Team
Rebeca Yanes - Mentee Recruiting Team
Sahil Agarwal - Mentee Recruiting Lead
Shivina Mittal - Alumni Engagement Lead
Suhitha Uppalapati - Alumni Engagement Lead
Xuan-Huong Nguyen - Internal Events Lead


Amrit Rathi - Head of Finance
Ben Hu - Finance Team
Jonathan Setiabrata - Finance Team
Matthias Froelich - Finance Team
Melissa Collins - Finance Team

Fundraising and Partnerships

Clinton Masterson - Co-President, Fundraising & Partnerships
Anthony Rodriguez - Fundraising Lead
Karolina Povedych - Fundraising Lead
Long Tran  - Fundraising Lead
Mary King - Fundraising Lead

Marketing and Events

Ayush Jain - Co-President, Marketing & Events
Anthony Chan - Marketing & Communications
Linda Bao - Public Relations
Lucy Chen - Field Marketing
Katie Marconi - Graphic Design
Nichole Fermanis - Content
Seonah Iverson - Brand Marketing

Molly Mackenzie - Head of Events Team
Amanda Robson - Events Team
Danielle Douglass - Events Team
Kendra Bentley - Events Team
Liliana Penalosa - Events Team
Melissa Chin - Events Team
Rachel Seeman - Events Team
Sophia Ginez - Events Team


Ed Huang - Head of Operations
Charles Lam - Operations Lead
Rohan Joshi - Data Analyst
Animesh Lahoti - Data Analyst