Junior Year Program

Last year was fun and this year, we're focusing! Junior year is a huge leap for many students, because everything counts: your grades, your test scores, and your extracurriculars. Good thing you made a plan last year! You may start to feel a little stressed out this year, but we're here for you! That's what Minds Matter is for: we help you navigate all the crazy, so you feel more confident about where you stand and which colleges could be the best for you to apply to next year.



Most students are intimidated by the SAT & ACT. The goal of the Junior test prep program is to give you opportunities to practice Math, Science, Verbal and Reading/Writing concepts to make you more familiar with the test content. The more practice you put in OUTSIDE of lessons, though, the more results you'll see.


college Prep mentorship

As Juniors, our mentees move on to deepen their leadership skills and college exploration. Goals include learning more in depth about various types of colleges, charting which colleges are the best match for you, and further developing your voice.


Junior Summer Experiences (JSE)

Get excited -- this is where you get to really advocate for yourself and make a pitch about how you want to spend your summer. We'll support you in exploring and figuring out which summer experiences are right for you, but ultimately, we want to know you want it! Contact the summer experiences team for help at jse@mindsmattersf.org.