Acceptance criteria:

Minds Matter San Francisco strives to achieve demographics in line with the diversity of the SFUSD demographics[1] and is dedicated to serving students who fulfill the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrated need

    • Comes from a low-income household as defined by SFUSD Free/Reduced Student Lunch guidelines[2]

    • Has significant barriers to achieving college admission and success[3]

  • Strong academic background

    • Maintains above a 3.25 GPA (3.5+ GPA preferred)

    • Pursues a rigorous academic path

    • Demonstrates ability to prioritize commitments and responsibilities

  • Motivation / Grit

    • Driven to fulfill long term academic and personal goals

    • Capable of overcoming adversity

    • Proactively seeks support and resources from school, family, mentors, instructors/tutors, etc.

    • Enthusiasm for the program

  • Commitment

    • Aspires to graduate from a 4-year college or university

    • Committed to the betterment of oneself and MMSF community

    • Devoted to maintaining at least 80% attendance at weekly mentoring sessions

    • Responsive and available to mentors, instructors/tutors, and Class VPs